Relocate and Refocus: Take control of your Defining Decade!

Keeping your sanity is like a full time job if you ask me. “Adulting” is literally being six decisions away from being the next homeless bag lady on the street.

That is extremely stressful when you consider westernized culture and our–in my words– bunk education system that doesn’t prepare you whatsoever for the real world at all. Ever since I graduated high school, even a few months ahead of my time mind you, and began working life has literally been a blur between jumping from job to job every 6 months or so, confusion on where I fit in the working world, and being completely agitated by the constant fingers pointing to go to college. The fact of the matter is that millennials like you and me make up about 40% of the unemployment rate in the United States according to Newsweek, despite their degrees or lack thereof.

SO, what do we do? I’m just as invested in this question as you, trust me. A while ago I stumbled upon what I now consider to be the Holy Script for us Twentysomethings, or more formally known as The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter and How to Make the Most of Them Now, which brought so much clarity combined with a swift kick in the a**  and a side of motivation to my personal life (the link I just provided is to purchase the book because it totally deserves to be funded and for those people like me that like tangible things that you can take notes on and highlight, but if you’d like a free eBook copy, take a look at this girl’s blog and awesome review).


One of the main focus points that author Dr. Meg Jay  made was about how fast time gets wasted away and the need to recognize that YOU are the only one truly in charge of your life. Things do not fall into our laps because we are still considered the younger generation, YOU have to go out and get it. YOU have to put yourself in various positions to get the things you want in life. Be willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone and into the real world. 

I moved to Dallas, Texas from the armpit of California, aka the Central Valley of California, Fresno to be exact (and yes, even it’s own residents call it the armpit of California). This move was big for me, its a brand new city, much bigger with much much more opportunity to dive deep into the realms of my creativity. I truly believe moving has been one of the best decisions I have made for a couple of reasons, mainly because there were no pretenses of who I could be, how I should act or judgments that I cared about from other people around me, because guess what? NOBODY KNEW ME! The freedom that a clean slate provides is truly refreshing and allows you to become the person that you wish to be if you’re willing to do the footwork.


Another interesting point that Dr. Meg Jay made was that in our twenties, our brain is going through a drastic growth spurt. At this point in our life, we are developing the frontal lobe of our brains and unfortunately, after this growth spurt ends, it is going to be extremely difficult to change the interactions that go on in our brain from that point on. The information that we are taking in and putting out at this very moment is the same information that is going to define us for the rest of our lives!

That thought is amazing, frightening, and motivating all in the same. Hence, the beginning of my blogging career. Yes, I said career and this is only my first post. Why so ambitious? MORE LIKE WHY NOT?! Right now is the time to get moving, get active, and get to working towards our dream careers.

I am elated to have shared my thoughts with you all and I look forward to sharing more of my endeavors, projects, and lifestyle hacks and believe it or not, I’m only asking to expand my circle to other insightful Urban Hippies like myself. Sounds like a great deal right?


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