Trend Alert: Ankle Booties!

Don’t you just love when you find a shoe that can be dressed up, dressed down, or dressed sideways? Yeah, I said sideways. Like one of those days where you don’t know what kind of outfit you’re putting together, yet those shoes still come through! That’s where these awesome ankle booties come in.

When you think of this particular shoe, you may picture a basic version, with maybe a buckle around the top and short heel that can be worn with a flannel or something similar….no. That’s not the bootie were talking about today. Lately it seems like this shoe has evolved to have a variety of complex heels, heights, and textures (you’ll see in the sets below) which make them extremely fun to style.

Even though I could literally come up with sets all day to showcase how versatile these shoes are, here are just a few that I imagined for you guys. Feel free to leave a quick comment on which set you like the best or any questions you may have.

*Now these sets were created from both affordable brands and designer brands, if you would like to receive an email with all realistically priced items from trending sets just subscribe! I will be sending out trending sets with links to attainable items!

Hope you enjoy!


Maxx Samone

Ankle Booties #2
Soft Steps
Texture Contrast

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