Summer Switch Up: Hello September!

The period between sizzling hot summers and the peak of pumpkin spice is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s when you can get away with wearing your daisy dukes and sandals with a light knit sweater and sunglasses, or pair your favorite lacey bralette with a pair of thrifted mom jeans and a cozy cardigan and feel completely comfortable in the weather. I especially love the fact that there’s so many opportunities for texture contrasts during this season of limbo. With that being said, I give September a late, but a very much anticipated welcome!


I wanted to be able to address some of my personal mood and goals for the month, fashion inspirations, and overall idealism for September ’16, so I created a quick mood board to help communicate what goes on in my crazy head (actually it wasn’t so quick, I put a lot of time into it although it may not seem like it). Side note: I want to be able to create one of these mood boards every month so that you all can get an idea of what kind of posts I will most likely be blessing you guys with when it comes to fashion, possible projects, and lifestyle.

As you can see below (excuse the excessive scrolling loves), the board I created has a few motivational quotes about being creative, becoming more goal orientated, and not letting anything stop you, i.e. getting shit done. By that I mean focusing on this blog, it is really important for me to stay consistent and provide awesome content for you guys (if there is ever a subject, project, or trend that you would like me to cover PLEASE DO NOT hesitate to contact me  or comment below) and keep my creative juices flowing. I have a cute blogging station set up, which is actually so great because I finally have wifi at my house….believe it or not I have been blogging from various Starbucks and McDonalds all over Dallas. It’s just very motivating to be able to provide great information right from my own comfy bed.

Also, I am focusing on NOT spending money, so to go hand in hand with these creative juices, my motto for the month is less is more. Simple, yet sophisticated and sexy bralettes with baggy lightweight sweaters and sandals are so comfortable to have my green tea in and brainstorm ideas for you all hippies. I want to focus on my emotional awareness and create a calm environment with candle lighting, the sweet aroma of pumpkin spice, and those little monkeys reminding me to “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” in my peripheral.

Overall, I would just love to have good vibes this month. September is about grinding, accepting and loving what you have, and if you don’t like it change it! I would love to revamp some of my existing wardrobe to more trending pieces while staying within my budget, so those are possible posts that you can look forward to.

Hope you pick up on my positive vibes!


Maxx Samone

September Mood Board



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