Embody Yeezy Season 4 This Fall

I do not care what anyone has to say, I will always and forever stand for Kanye West, no matter how much of an asshole he can be. I practically lose my shit every time he has dropped anything, especially when it comes to fashion. I just wholeheartedly respect how he can use clothing to combat social issues, discrimination between social and economic classes, and trust me I could go into a whole different post or you can just watch a few interviews on Youtube to get a glimpse into that geniuses mind to get a clear understanding of what he is trying to portray.


Anywho, Yeezy Season 4 has recently dropped and despite the flack the show got, I actually enjoyed the pieces as I normally do. Ye just has a way of making everything look easy, making “not trying” totally chic. I decided to post about how you can get similar looks this fall and adopt these few trends to be comfy, cute, and on trend this upcoming season.

1. Accept the baggy look and layer!


I adore fall for layering itself. It’s when the true fashionistas come out of hiding and show off how they can make layers work together and collaborate to become an awesome outfit. As you can see above, there are a few different layers including an over-sized jacket that pulls the entire look together. Women that don’t need to show off their shape honestly get more respect in my book because they can embrace a look for what it is without having to make sure their ass is showing to get positive attention. Not only do dope outfits come out of the woodwork for fall, but you can totally achieve them for cheap by searching thrift stores and discovering dope pieces or vintage jackets and over-sized sweaters, which I typically find in the men’s section believe it or not.

2. Embrace minimalism and monochromatism


Yes, I just made that word up! Basically, what I am saying is to stop and think when you’re purchasing pieces, is this timeless? How many other things in my wardrobe can I wear with this? The easiest way to achieve a great wardrobe is by buying neutral, timeless pieces and adopting neutral tones. Monochromatic outfits have been in for a while now, as you can see by the past few Yeezy seasons. You literally can’t go wrong with purchasing pieces with similar color schemes because there is always a way that you can put them together. I would focus on finding independent, unique pieces when it comes to accessories or shoes to separate your outfits from one another. Some colors to focus on would be neutral skin tones, blacks, and navy blues. I personally love maroons for fall as well as mustard yellows, olive green and camos (I love camo all year actually).

3. Keep an eye out for texture.

Knits have always been a go-to for autumn, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different types this year. The picture above on the left shows a great play in texture with a fuzzy over-sized off the shoulder sweater dress and knee high see-through boots (which I will also address below). I just love that contrast between the hardness of plastic and soft fuzziness of the sweater, not to mention that would be perfect for fall weather.

The outfit above to the right is also a great play on texture with a sweater knit body-hugging pencil skirt and snakeskin booties. To help with the weather if it were to be chilly, consider adding a leather biker jacket to that look, which would also add another element of texture and make a statement along with the edgy boots.

Some popular textures you may want to consider incorporating in your wardrobe could be suede, cable knit, fur, and denim along with the various textures I mentioned above (fuzziness, leather, plastics, even mattes).

4. Boots, boots, boots!


I have yet to purchase a pair of knee high boots, but I definitely am going to have to. There’s just so many ways that you can style them without making it look as though you’re trying too hard, whether it’s with a vintage bleached tee and leggings, or even as seen above with an over-sized shirt as a dress. Not only is it a good choice for the weather, but you’ll totally be on point for the boots/bootie trend this year.

You don’t have to go extreme with thigh highs either if that makes you uncomfortable. I had posted about how ankle booties are storming the fashion world as well. Either way, there’s no way that you can go wrong with a few great pairs of boots in different textures this season or even make a play with various heel types. The fashion world has really begun to experiment with them and it’s all fun to style them.

Hope you girls loved this post as much as I loved creating it, like I said I am always inspired with the creations that Kanye decides to bless us with. I would love to hear any comments or tips that you ladies have on Yeezy Season 4 or styling for fall.


Maxx Samone


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