Transitioning to Winter on a Budget

I honestly think this is my FAVORITE time of year (fashion wise) because this is where you can really see my chill personality’s soft glow through my everyday wear. Layers on top of hoodies, leggings, tall socks paired with too many boots to name or a classic pair of high-tops with a twist….guys, my heart is starting to beat faster from excitement…autumn is among us!

Besides the constant delicious smell of pumpkin spice floating in the air or gorgeous mustard yellow and burnt orange leaves surrounding me, walking through a newly stocked thrift store right before winter has got to be one of my top favorite things to experience. There’s so many goodies to be found when it comes to clothing…and guys, IT’S SO AFFORDABLE.

Lately, I’ve been on a major budget for numerous reasons-don’t act like y’all never struggled! I love the struggle, I respect the hustle (that’s my mantra everyday to keep me from pulling my hair out!). Anyway, back on subject, the winter waits for no one’s budget, okay?! You might as well get a head start and begin looking not only for good transition items to conveniently slip into your awaiting winter wardrobe and also keep in mind what will be comfortable for these leading months to December.

Here are some personal tips and looks that I found on Instagram to be very inspiring and I’ll also be doing a later blog post-or series of blog posts about the small thrift haul’s I have from time to time when I just really need to shop (it’s seriously therapeutic for me) but don’t really have shopping money.

#1. Embrace jumpers from start to finish.

There are a wiiiiiiiiiiiiidddeeeee variety of jumpers availables at thrift stores. Actually, one of my favorite sections to go to first is the men’s jacket/sweater aisle. I almost always go for oversized so that I have the option of going the dress route, off the shoulder as @hilisaa did below, or even taking it in a few inches later to have a more snug fit. Also, I just loved how she paired this slouchy sweater with that miniskirt, and believe it or not there are a lot of outdated unsightly skirts available at thrift shops and if you give them a good chop and hem they can become very much on trend.

#2. Become bout that boot life!

Okay, I have to give credit where credit is due, and @theanayal8ter is like my spirit animal stylist. Every single look she posts I love, so it was really difficult to just choose one to use as an example, but I had to throw it back to I believe her last year’s fall look with this lovely mustard yellow slouchy turtle neck sweater and warming knee high boots. Knee high boots are a staple. You can pretty much make anything look more chic if you have a little leg showing and a tall boot. SLAY Anaya, especially with the headwrap, it really pulls the look all together.

Anyway, chunky boots are also back on trend and there are loads of them at thrift stores! Just give them a quick dusting and pair them with the right look and no one will even be able to tell they were $10 or less.

Mustard yellow is definitely my color #StyledByAnayaIvy

A post shared by Anaya Ivy (@theanayal8ter) on

#3. Invest (hardly) in some dope belts.

Some people shy away from over-sized clothing because they think it’ll make them look frumpy and that they won’t have the ability to show off their figure as much as they’d like to. If you invest in a few large belts, or I’ve also been seeing some very trendy boho double buckle belts that would look great on anyone’s waistline to accentuate their midsection. I adore how @ellenbrockygirl took an over-sized cardigan and not only showed off her dope tattoos with an off the shoulder look, but also showed the world that yes, she still has a great figure under her over-sized clothing. Not to mention she made it look so effortless!

#4. Sportswear is your bestest friend!

I literally just stumbled upon a super over-sized reversible jacket today at the thrift store, don’t worry, you guys will see it later! My point is that it feels soooo freakin’ good to stumble upon name brands at the thrift store and believe it or not, these thrift shops are crawling with them from track pants to hats, and of course tops and jackets if you are willing to look .

Below is @vintagedollrisa rocking some dope champion pants, which I’m sure she didn’t cop at the thrift shop, but you get the point. She looks so comfortable and extra saucy at the same time with literally no effort. Incorporate more sportswear into your wardrobe for a thoughtless, naturally dope look.

Cozyyyyyy ⛹🏽‍♀️🤘🏽☁️ #Getagirlthatcandoboth #Championed

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Anywho loves, hope you enjoyed this extremely belated post and also look forward to my upcoming thrift hauls in preparation for a new winter for me in Dallas…I’m slightly terrified of these rumors of snow that I keep hearing…


Maxx Samone


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