Thrift Like a Pro

Hey y’all! Yes, I’m slowly beginning to talk like a native Texan, don’t mind me. I haven’t posted in a while, but I have been keeping my eye out for not only awesome online thrift/vintage shops (maybe I’ll share my secrets…maybe) but I’ve also gathered a handful of quick tips to help you become the ultimate thrifty woman while still being on trend, just in case you all were aspiring to be a Thrift Queen like myself one day. This will be a quick post just to try to get me back in the groove of things so keep up!

1. Pick up thrifted lingerie and sport that shit!

Okay, so you may not find this exact slip-type dress at a thrift shop but I know for a fact that there may be plain simple colored pieces similar to it in the underclothing section. Don’t be afraid to spice it up by sewing or ironing on your own lace decals, or even creating a sexy split on the side. Texture play is huge right now, and silk is definitely winning.

Also, there’s been a few different celebrities spotted rocking bustiers as tops or contrasted with edgy leather jackets. Stop acting scary and show off those under garments…or you know, spend about 5x the amount for a “dress” that looks exactly like a slip at a name brand store. Hey, its your money not mine!


2. Pretty much buy anything and distress the fuck out of it!

One of my favorite places to buy sweaters has always been the thrift store, I mean there’s a multitude of different kinds from color to texture. Mom jeans and old fart dad jeans also run rampant at thrift shops so grab some of those on your way out too.

Now, grab some bleach, scissors, maybe even some sand paper and go to town (this is especially therapeutic when you’ve been having a very rough 2016, THANK GOD IT’S ALMOST OVER)! I personally believe you’ve reached the Everest mountain top of style when you look like you absolutely didn’t try at all, yet your look is still snatched together and you get compliments left and right. The distressed look will give you that exact effect.

Just be sure to take a step back and admire your work every few minutes, especially to make sure you’re not going too overboard.

On Edge


The only reason I say splurge is because I normally don’t pay over like $30 for a piece, no matter how dope it is….unless it’s shoes….you have to treat yo self when it comes to your feet. But I’ve been seeing some awesome online vintage shops with colorful throwback jerseys and windbreakers that you can dress up (like below) or down for right around that price range. Thrift shops typically don’t ask over $20 for anything, so the most I’ve splurged on a vintage sports piece is $14.95.

I just can’t get enough of them: they’re extremely comfortable and keep you cozy…oh, and they totally fall into that category of “not trying hard at all but still looking fleekish”.

*twittles thumbs* Maybe my next post will list some of my fav vintage shops for the best finds….

Sexy and Sporty


Anywho, I hope you enjoyed this extreeeeeemmmmmeellllyyy belated blog post and continue looking forward to more!
Love y’all!
Maxx Samone

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