Spring Clean Your Summer Closet


I don’t know about you guys, but storage is scarce. Especially when I start my winter thrifting, stocking up on bulky sweaters and lengthy jackets. I have already started my pile of clothes and sandals that either I haven’t worn for the past few months from disinterest, or just because it’s averaging 30-40 degrees outside now.

Either way, I need to find a new home for my past loved goodies and pave way for more trending, cozy pieces. Here’s a few ways that I have gotten rid of used clothing and accessories in the past and some alternative ways that I have heard great things about.

1. Depop

I loved this app because you can sell to literally anyone in the world that has a PayPal account. There’s a lot of hip pieces on there, I usually find the best things in the UK, so be prepared to do some monetary conversions. Also, if you’re willing to ship to other countries be prepared to know various shipping costs and include those within your prices or at the very least communicate with your potential customers to avoid any mix ups with payments. If you’d like, you can take a look at my Depop account here, I will be updating it very shortly.

2. Refashioner

I haven’t personally used this online source, however while I was scouring the web for the best ways to get rid of my old clothing multiple blogs mentioned this site. It seems like a great way to make back a pretty penny on well taken care of pieces as their customers are willing to pay a good amount for graciously used clothing. There’s also a great vintage section of the website that I just love that categorizes from the 40’s to 90’s original vintage pieces that I’m sure would be hard to find anywhere else. Take a look, here’s a direct link to that awesome site.

3. Poshmark

Another great recycled fashion website and app that makes it super simple to get cash for your old designer clothes. Notice that I said designer. This particular outlet is more for the uppity, however you may be able to find some great deals on designer pieces if your really like to hunt. It’s similar to Depop but I’d say fancier. Here’s another easy link.

4. Craigslist

If you don’t feel like shipping your clothes too far, stay local. Craigslist is actually a great way to sell old things, whether it be old clothing/accessories or stuff around your home. To make it easy you could gather a bunch of random stuff that’s not getting too much use and post an ad for a yard sale on the weekend, or post each individual thing one by one, whatever you fancy. If you do make a sale, I always recommend meeting your neighbors in a public place. I usually go to a nearby store parking lot so you don’t waste too much gas and you are also in a safe location.

5. Donate

When all else fails, just donate your clothing. I try to find a charity for women that accepts clothing for women that really really need it. Sometimes it’s hard to work with the hours that they are willing to accept donations when it comes to smaller charities, so I also donate to Good Will or the Salvation Army. Either way, there will be people in need definitely benefiting from those dusty members in your closet.

Hopefully this article helped you to come up with some ways to make some quick, easy cash and also clear some space in your closet.


Maxx Samone


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