Glo Up Like Gucci 2017

New year, new me right? How about we actually stick to our resolutions this time around and take a look at Mr. La Flare himself. Gucci had the ULTIMATE glo up!

I was inspired to write this post because on my way to work this morning, he was speaking on a Sirius XM radio show and really breaking it down for the listeners, and I was extremely motivated after tuning in for just a few minutes.

The talk show host was basically comparing the “old Gucci Mane” that we all know (lean sipping, overweight, trouble maker essentially) to this newly renovated man that she even called herself a sex symbol. How does one make that transition, or what I would call a lifestyle change and really stick with it?

The East Atlanta Santa basically said that he took a look at his life and had to reevaluate. At one point he was facing 35 years in prison, years that the courts undoubtedly wanted to serve him, and was blessed to only be given 3. He recalled hearing that sentence and having a sigh of relief.

After that moment he said it became about focus. Gucci Mane stated that you had to pay attention to what you are putting in your mind and in your body, speaking about both mental health and physical health.

  • Physically he worked out to pass the time and changed his eating habits by focusing on what was really good for him. He educated himself on what actually fuels the body, avoiding the word diet and resisting the popular fad of veganism. When it’s time to eat, he doesn’t let any distractions deter him from his meal so that his mind can recognize when he is actually full rather than snacking mindlessly while multitasking on the phone. He drinks large amounts of water as well, viewing food and drink as nourishing materials rather than a hobby. Further, he said that he purposefully stays away from people that lead an unhealthy lifestyle because it is so addicting, that if you hang around people who don’t take care of themselves, you surely will, too.
  • Mentally on the same note, he cut out toxic people in his life. Those not offering the support he needed, or those people practicing the same ol’ activities everyday simply had to go. Solitude became peaceful and refreshing for his mind and only then could he start to really feed his mind the progressive and proactive information that it needed to keep him motivated and moving in the positive direction that we now see him on today.

To see someone go from one extreme to another in the best of ways is an exhilarating and uplifting thing to witness. Hopefully we can all provide that same enthusiasm for someone else by living by example in this upcoming new year. It is definitely not the easiest task to face yourself, battle your own demons, but you never know who may be watching you or what opportunities lay ahead of you without putting your best foot forward in the name of constructive evolution!


Maxx Samone


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